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Senior Web Developer
6/2011 - present (medical backoffice site), Rancho Cordova, CA
Take over maintenance and expansion of practice management website for doctors. Includes requirements gathering, database
and program design. Developed reporting module for launch at industry tradeshow.
Environment: Php, Javascript/Jquery, Mysql.

Web Programming - self-employed
4/2006 - 5/2011 (my own site), Sacramento, CA
Large projects: detailed below.
Misc. smaller projects: WordPress-based simple CMS sites; JQuery-based applicant form with admin view; conversion of
Excel-based college entry analyzer for hockey players to Php/Mysql; design schema and code initial screens for gamer
enthusiast community; design schema for medical book site; custom mods to open-source chat application for indie record
Environment: Php, Javascript, Mysql.

Senior Software Engineer - contracted
9/2007 - 8/2011 (information reselling site)
Take over primary maintenance, enhancement and new development of existing site, including front-end ui, back-end xml
interface, admin batch processing, and administration site (in ColdFusion). Build, test, and deploy updates. Set up new
instances of application server (JBoss) and code on new hardware. Provide technical support to customer support person
and directly to customers as needed. Implement ui changes specified by design firm. Monitor site logs for problems, and
be on-call for alerts.
Environment: Java, Sql Server.

Senior Software Engineer - contracted
8/2008 - present (retail candy website)
Migrate existing html site to PHP and ZenCart. Applied custom modifications to cart, as well as applying third-party
add-ons. Provide continuing maintenance and updates.
Environment: Php, Mysql.

Senior Software Engineer - contracted
5/2007 - 12/2009 (personalized wine/beverage site)
Take over primary maintenance, enhancement and new development of existing site(s). Optimized database queries and
indexes. Test and deploy updates. Implement ui changes specified by design firm. Fix and integrate prototype of
Javascript label configuration tool. Integrated process of order taking from Snapfish photo site. Helped implemented
affiliate-like system of diy storefronts. Also provide support and troubleshooting of secondary back-end systems
(accounting system using Sql Server; label printer interface written in Python).
Environment: Php, Javascript, Mysql, Sql Server, Python.

Senior Software Engineer
4/2001 - 3/2006 Concord, CA
Responsible for new feature development, maintenance, enhancements to user-interface and backend of web application for domain name registrar.
Designed/implemented cron based queue system for offline processing and fulfillment of orders which improved realtime user experience.
Designed/implemented scoring system which reduced fraud and chargebacks significantly. Designed/implemented code to fulfill mailboxes on internal and/or third-party systems. Rewrote/refactored much of codebase originally written offshore. Propose coding standards, improved build process and development environment.
Technologies: Java, sql/Oracle, jhtml, html, mysql, jsp.

Senior Software Engineer
10/1998 - 3/2001 San Francisco, CA
Second engineer on-board with this startup. Took prototype application, gathered requirements, and developed on initial alpha version. Implemented customer specific enhancements to front-end and business logic.
Technologies: Java, jsp, xml, SQL Server.

Software Engineer
4/1996 - 9/1998 San Jose, CA
Maintenance, refactoring, and tuning of Visual Basic client of quote management application. Engineering point-of-contact for customers, partners, and in-house consultants on issuess related to integrations projects. Provided development support, bug fixes, enhancements, and performance improvements to primary configuration code.
Technologies: Visual Basic 5, ASP, Access.

Software Engineer
8/1994 - 3/1996 North Hollywood, CA
Maintenance and new development of pen-based sales force automation, route, and inventory software.
Technologies: Visual Basic 3, Access.

Tech. Support/Installs
8/1993 - 7/1994 Glendale, CA
Nationwide phone support and local on-site installations of auto repair and convenience store systems.

Tech. Support
4/1990 - 6/1993 Los Angeles, CA
Onsite support and installation of PC and mainframe software and hardware.

Cal State Univ., Northridge, Northridge, CA
Bachelor's Degree
B.S., Computer Science 1993